A hard fought battle but the  Lady Tigers fall short 5-6 in the state semi-finals

Game Day! It's been half a century since a Lady Tiger team competed at the state level

How about those Lady Tigers? The softball program began 22-years ago at West Sabine ISD.  The 2019 Lady Tigers are writing their own history, and Sabine County came out to show their support as the Lady Tigers made their journey to Austin making history by competing at the State UIL tournament.

"I was these girls principal when they were in Kindergarten, and first grade," Ronald Barlow said. Many of the parents at the community pep-rally were on that first West Sabine Softball Team. Barlow said that he saw something special in this group of girls way back then.

"These girls are special, do you want to know how special they are," he asked. There were almost 20,000 girls playing high school softball across Texas this year, and these girls are going all the way competing at the state level. "West Sabine has not had a state champion team since I was four-years old, and I'm ready to see another one," Barlow said. The last time a girls team advance to the state championship tournament was 1968, and that has been 51-years ago. "These girls are pretty special," he said. 

The 2019 West Sabine Lady Tigers have won 31 games, and are now only two games from the state title. The first game will be at 9 a.m. this morning. 

We will not be able to steam the game via social media, but a stream live is available at www.nfhsnetwork.com for a $10 subscription

Go to this website, click on playoffs, choose Texas as your state and it should come up for you!

Texas Division 2A Region III District 23 Champions:

The West Sabine Lady Tiger Roster

Hannah Spring, Riley Lane, Harley Franklin, Breanna Kilgore, Kally Williams, Selina Sepulvado, Halli Hall, Anna Metcalf, Kaleigh Anderson, Susan Muncrief, Haley Primrose, Emma Frick.

The West Sabine Lady Tigers, are the winners of Region 3 will take on the Crawford Lady Pirates, winner of Region 2, Wednesday, May 29th, 9:00 am at UT Texas Red and Charline McCombs Field. 

The Tigers defeated Lovelady this past Friday in a nail biter best of three tournament in Hudson (6-1) (2-1), respectively. 


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