By Doug Fincher

I met Maud and Willie Bucklew when at twenty years of age I became pastor of The Liberty Hill Baptist Church of San Augustine, Texas.  Forty years later, I drove out Bland Lake road to see how they were.  When my knocking and calling got no answer, I walked to the back of the house and …what a surprise!

Sitting at the end of the garden humming and sorting out onions was Mrs. Maud…as beautiful and alert as she was forty years ago.  After an emotional reminiscing of the past and admiring her cannedvegetables, flowers and busy martin box,  I left with  two jars of her canned peas.

I revisited Mrs. Bucklew last week and found her again (at the age of ninety five) hand-plowing thegarden she’s planted for fifty years. When I asked how old her plow was, she laughed, “Its about twenty five years old and it needs a new motor”.

. It is remarkable to see this woman still active in her community and church and being of service to her neighbors.  I can’t help thinking that her longevity has a lot to do with her service to God and her fellow man. As I admired her resolve, I thought:

                     What a rewarding way to grow old.

**Maud Mae Bucklew, age 102, of San Augustine County, Texas, crossed The Jordan on Saturday, March 15, 2008.

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