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 Due to the fact that property reappraisals were not completed for a period of years, Sabine parish citizens  benefited by paying less in property taxes but now are faced, in many cases, with drastically increased property taxes.  Let me remind you that the people of Louisiana voted on and approved Constitutional Amendment #718 that states if the assessed value of immovable property increases by an amount which is greater than fifty percent (50%) of the property's assessed value in the previous year, the collector shall phase-in the additional tax liability resulting from the increase in the property's assessed value over a four year period.   For the purposes of calculating the taxes on the property in the first year following the reappraisal, the collector shall use the property's assessed value from the previous year which shall be called the base amount and shall increase the assessed value of the property used to calculate Ad valorem taxes by adding an amount which is equal to one-fourth of the amount of the increase in the property's assessed value as a result of the reappraisal to the base amount.  Each year following shall increase the amount by one-fourth.  By the fourth year the Ad valorem tax will be based on the property's full assessed value.  Stated simply, you will only pay one-fourth more per year until year four at which time your tax bill will be based on your property's full assessment.  My office staff will gladly explain this option to you.   Also please be advised that if you are over 65 years of age, own and reside in the home, and your annual income does not exceed the maximum allowed which is $75,594.07 you can freeze the assessed value of the homestead. Visit with the Tax Assessors office for details on this and other special assessment levels available to Disable Vets, Widows of Armed Forces killed in action, Spouses of MIA or POW's, Permanently/Totally Disabled and others.   I hope this information is useful and that many can benefit from it.

Sheriff Ronny Richardson

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