Sabine County, Texas

A three count "True Bill" indictment was handed down by a Sabine County Grand Jury in First Judicial District Court on Aug. 6, 2019 concerning the ongoing investigation into alleged allegations of misconduct by Sabine County Deputy, and Constable David Wayne Boyd.

The investigation is being conducted by Texas Rangers. 

According to the documents Boyd was indicted on one count sexual assault, one count indecent exposure, and one count official oppression.

The first count indictment states, that on or about September 19, 2018, Boyd intentionally and knowing cause the sexual organ of the victim to be penetrated by the finger without consent.

The second count indictment states that on or about September 19, 2018, "...with intent to arouse or gratify the sexual desire of any person, exposed his genitals to the victim, and said defendant (Boyd) was reckless as to whether the victim would be alarmed by the act as the defendant (Boyd) touched his genitals with his hand, and masturbated on her porch." The document goes on to say that the victim was present and offended or alarmed by the act of exposure.

The third count indictment states that on or about September 19, 2018, Boyd intentionally and knowingly subjected the victim to sexual harassment by making unwanted sexual advances, and/or request for sexual favor knowing that the advances and or request were not welcome. The indictment goes on to state that the defendant, David Boyd, was then and there acting under the color of his office and/or his employment as a Sabine county Sheriff's Deputy. "Against the peace and dignity of the State."

Sabine County Deputy David Boyd was arrested on Aug. 8, 2019, the booking report was requested but has not yet been received. The amount of bond or whether Boyd has been released is not known until the requested documents are received. Boyd also serves as Pastor of a local Sabine County Church.

An indictment is not a guilty plea, but does mean that the jury believed there was enough evidence to bring the case to trial.  


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