Jasper County Sheriff Mitchel Newman

The heat and humidity have set in and experiencing heat exhaustion while working outside is a possibility.  Be sure to take breaks and stay hydrated while working outside.  

​It is also the time of year that everyone heads to the lakes and rivers to enjoy boating, fishing, skiing and other water sports.  Be sure to have adequate life jackets and practice water safety, a good time can turn bad in a hurry, be the adult in the crowd, do the right thing.

​There was a theft in Evadale where they tried to hot-wire a Yamaha Rhino, stole tubs of copper wire, hand tools and other items in a barn.  We are working on identifying the perpetrators.  Game cameras are a very helpful tool and more people need to install them, it helps us catch the bad guys.

​We also worked a couple of “unauthorized use of a vehicle”.  Many times this happens when a couple breaks up and one of them takes the vehicle and the other person reports it stolen.  Many times the couple will go back together but we have to work the case when it is presented to us.

​One of our Emergency Corp members passed away over the weekend.  Ronnie Branch gave his time to help others.  This group of men and women help me and surrounding counties anytime we call.  They are dedicated, know what they are doing and will stay until the job is done.  Many of the members are starting to get on up in age but don’t let that fool you, they are dedicated, do the job and do it for free because they want to help people.  I hope some of the younger people will take an interest in this job and step up to help out.  There is no feeling like helping someone who is in a desperate situation; You will never be sorry you volunteered to help out.

​We have 113 in jail.  

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