Sabine County, Texas-

Daily News reported back in April 2019 that a law suit had been filed concerning allegations of misconduct.

A Sabine County woman has filed a civil lawsuit in the East District Court of Texas in Beaumont naming Sabine County, Sabine County Sheriff's Department, and Constable David Boyd as defendants. The Plaintiff, Melissa Tyson's original complaint filed is attached to the online version, along with affidavit of Paula Jackson, and Haley Lloyd.

The lawsuit alleges that in September of 2018, Boyd went to Tyson’s home while her husband was away at work. The suit states  Boyd propositioned her sexually, and then performed a sexual act upon himself in front of her.

The lawsuit also contained sworn affidavits from two other women, Haley Lloyd and Paula Jackson, both of whom alleged that Boyd tried to entice them to let him take nude photos of them for a pornographic website. Lloyd also alleged that Boyd sexually propositioned her.

The lawsuit asks for “Actual damages; Reasonable and necessary attorney’s fees; Exemplary or punitive damages; Prejudgment interest; Post-­‐judgment interest; Costs of court; and All other relief, either at law or in equity, to which Plaintiff may show herself to be justly entitled to receive.”

The lawsuit does say that Boyd is still employed by the sheriff’s department, and is on paid administrative leave. Daily News has requested and has no record of Boyd having been indicted by a grand jury, or arrested following the ongoing Texas Rangers’ investigation.

There has been no word that forensic evidence submitted to the state for testing has been complete. The criminal allegations of official oppression were pending the results of states evidence.

Daily News posted the following story back in February.

What we did learn was that the investigation by Texas Rangers was initiated back on Nov. 27, 2018  concerning allegations of "Official Oppression" by a public official. Daily News obtained the search warrant probable cause affidavits submitted for several search warrants including phone records, and a DNA sample.

On Dec. 18, 2018, Ranger James Hicks notes in the Officer's Return and Search Warrant Inventory that the search warrant did not have to be executed because voluntary samples were provided by Boyd for comparison.

According to the probable cause affidavit filed by Texas Ranger Hicks in 273rd District Court, he was contacted by an adult female who he believed credible, and who resided in Sabine County in regards to Official Oppression PC 39.03  allegedly occurring on Sept. 19, 2018.

The female who filed the complaint is not identified in the affidavits. The affidavit says the female does not have a criminal history. It goes on to alleged that on Sept. 18, 2018 the female's husband contacted the Sabine County Sheriff's Office concerned about the well-being of his wife. The affidavit says that Deputy Boyd responded the the call by contacting the female on her cell phone, identifying himself as a Deputy Sheriff, and Pastor.

According to the affidavit, Deputy Boyd allegedly made arrangements to meet the female the next day. Boyd arrived at the home of the female on his day off, and is described as arriving in his personal vehicle, and wearing a black t-shirt which said "Sheriff" on it, the affidavit states. The testimony in the probable cause affidavit says that during the conversation with the female the deputy observed a marijuana pipe.

The affidavit states Boyd told the female that he had a duty to file charges on anyone he caught with drugs or drug paraphernalia. "He then instructed the female to expose herself, where he...did his business in front of her, leaving DNA evidence on her porch," the affidavit states. The female told investigators that she feared being charged with a drug offense and complied. Investigators swabbed the semen stain, which were analyzed by forensic technicians. According to the affidavit it was determined that the swabs did contain semen cells, and that a DNA profile developed from the semen could be compared to a known sample from a suspect.  The results of the swab have yet to be released by investigators.

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Ok this is basically old news. We already knew the lawsuit was filed and that he was placed on administrative leave . Why is this being posted again if that's all you have?

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