Brenda Perez

San Augustine County, Texas

A San Augustine woman accused of first degree felony aggravated assault with a weapon was released on $25,000 bond

According to San Augustine Sheriff's Office Booking Report, 41-year old Brenda Rodriguez Perez was taken into custody on Aug. 7 in Nacogdoches County.

Affidavits concerning the circumstances of the arrest has been requested.

Persons named here have been charged, but not proven guilty of the alleged crimes stated. This information is obtained by written request to the Sheriff's Office from Daily News and More, under the Texas Public Information Act Government Code Chapter 551.

For more information contact San Augustine County Sheriff's Office 936-275-2424.

(a) A person commits an offense if the person commits assault as defined in § 22.01 and the person:

(1) causes serious bodily injury to another, including the person's spouse;  or

(2) uses or exhibits a deadly weapon during the commission of the assault.

(b) An offense under this section is a felony of the second degree, except that the offense is a felony of the first degree if:

(1) the actor uses a deadly weapon during the commission of the assault and causes serious bodily injury to a person whose relationship to or association with the defendant is described by Section 71.0021(b) , 71.003 , or 71.005, Family Code 


Sec. 12.04. CLASSIFICATION OF FELONIES. (a) Felonies are classified according to the relative seriousness of the offense into five categories:

(1) capital felonies;

(2) felonies of the first degree;

(3) felonies of the second degree;

(4) felonies of the third degree; and

(5) state jail felonies.

(b) An offense designated a felony in this code without specification as to category is a state jail felony.


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