Cliff Young, and Dr. Natalia Luraguiz

Cliff Young was born on May 21, 1980, and grew up in Denton, Texas. His mother, Jannette was born and raised in Yellowpine by Ina and Ellis Elliott. His aunt Rita and uncle Weldon are a huge influence in his life. He credits his success as a businessman to the work ethic he observed in his uncle while growing up.

Young would spend his summers, spring breaks and all holidays in Yellowpine as he grew up, spending time with his granny, papa and family. He always knew one day he would end up in Sabine County, so it was the only option as he started his life fresh. Yes, Young has a past. If you know him, he has proudly told you about his success. If you do not, he will gladly share it with you. It is an amazing testimony of recovery. 

One of the goals he set for himself is to run for public office. "I've accomplished that goal," he said. Now with a steady rate of success he feels he can do more. Young is passionate about making Hemphill into something great. A place where his own son can grow and prosper. He feels the citizens, and local government could work together to bring more businesses into the city, hold more community events, and overall strengthen the relationship between the community and city hall.

"The community needs to be more informed. They need to be able to ask questions and voice their opinions. That is what I want to do for Hemphill," he said. 

He would like your support by voting for him as Mayor of Hemphill in the upcoming November 3, election. Everyone get out and vote. Early voting begins on Oct. 13. 

If you would like to speak with Cliff Young concerning his platform he welcomes your call, 936-201-0075.

Political Advertising paid for by Cliff Young for Mayor, Hemphill TX


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