In keeping with the original intent of this site we are posting more about what is still under the waters of TOLEDO BEND RESERVOIR. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1502194386501422/

There has been several post lately about the sinker logs that still lay on the bottom of the Sabine River. Before the days of large sawmills in Sabine County timber sellers carried their logs to the Sabine River to be floated down to Orange County where there was several large sawmills. Approximately 5% of all logs transported along the Sabine River sank to the bottom.  

The channel of the Sabine River is littered with sinker logs that go back into the 1870s. Before logs were rolled into the river for transport to Orange they were branded on both ends with the owners brand so credit could be given to the rightful owner when the logs arrived at the mill. Below is four of the original log cutoffs taken out of the Sabine River below the Toledo Bend Dam in the early 1980s. 

 Also pictured is two large cutoffs with wooden pegs that were used to hold chains that bound the log  raft for movement down the river. If you sent logs to Orange from Sabine County, Texas you registered your brand in all Louisiana Parishes & Texas Counties in case your logs ended up in the a different raft & to be sure the brand was not duplicated. 

For more of "What went under Toledo Bend Reservoir follow the discussion on social media at this following link. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1502194386501422/

The purpose of the group is about remembering the Land and Property that was covered by the water when Toledo Bend Dam was built. Also, it is a tribute to the families and individuals who used to live in the area, that was covered by the water.

Photo No. 1-5 show the four log brands.  No. four was the brand of Tom Beall from Sabine County.  

Photos No. 6-9 show the cover & three pages from the Log Brand Book from Vernon Parish, Louisiana that registers log brands applied for from 21 Jun 1879-27 Aug 1920.  This book starts with page No. 37, so there were registered brands long before the 21 Jun 1879 date.   All Counties & Parishes along the river had these log brand books. Most have been lost. They also keep livestock brand books-many of these still exist.

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