Sabine County, Texas-

Sabine County Hospital Board of Directors were briefed on the latest  information concerning COVID-19, along with what guidelines were being followed as testing becomes available locally. 

According to Hospital Administrator Jerry Howell at least two test were currently pending lab results in Sabine County. "One from the hospital, and one from the clinic," Howell said. He went on to say there could be one more test, and added a patient was showing symptoms this afternoon. "But I'm not clear if that one was tested or not at this time," he said. The results of the test are expected to be back in the next few days. Howell said he believes at least one of the test would be negative in his opinion, and both are in self-quarantine while waiting on results. COVID-19 testing is being conducted by Quest, a independent commercial lab. Howell updated board members on the process of reporting test to HHS and CDC, along the positive or negative results. 

Howell stated Sabine County Hospital had implemented several guidelines including: limiting visitors into the facility for in-patient care, visitation hours have been decreased, temperatures are being checked upon entry for employees, patients, and visitors.

"If someone has a fever or other symptoms that go along with the diagnosis of the COVID-19 such as visiting China or having contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19... we are trying to check those cases out in the parking lot," Howell said.

Howell recommends calling the hospital or the clinic if COVID-19 symptoms are present. Keeping medical staff, patients, and residents from being exposed to the virus is a top priority. Tele-medicine set up has been completed, and this will be a huge asset as social distancing mandates. Providers have several appointments tomorrow. The technology will allow patients who don't need to come into the clinic for treatment and avoid contact for things like refills. 


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