A native son with his eyes on the horizon, Sam Melton dreams of the re-gentrification of the Hemphill Square. When you step through the doors, you take a trip back in time. An eclectic mix of treasures that runs the gamut from farmhouse chic picks to Frank Lloyd Wright-esq mid-century furniture, to present day hand crafted items. Located in the Old Gandy Building that housed a men's clothing shop from the early to mid 1900's, traces of the building's history still linger, from the old Gandy's sign to the tiles that used to line the high ceilings.

You can tell Sam loves what he does and has a passion for it. He caught the bug early in life; his family owned and operated Beall's Furniture for many years and his mother, Nethery's Antiques. Crawling around old dusty and dilapidated buildings and barns is nothing new to him and neither is restoring a piece to it's original glory, after decades of neglect or someone's miss-begotten, though well intended restoration. 

Sam looks for heirloom pieces that can be in the family for generations. He wants the piece to speak to you; he said his grandparents called it "romancing". You can tell by looking, that a lot of time and thought went into every display and the placement of every item and he speaks of each as if it were an old, well loved friend. His flare and love for what he does has garnered the attention of some famous home decor gurus as customers; HGTV's Fixer Upper's Chip and Joanna Gains. The couple own the burgeoning Magnolia Home empire. There's a few more too, he ships his wares all over the country.

His blog on Instagram is drawing attention to his gift for collecting and marketing his finds. Sam also wants everyone to be able to afford something from his shop, so prices range from just a few dollars to a couple thousand. He's such a polite, personable and knowledgeable young man. I've no doubt that the sky's the limit.


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