The phone rang at Mudfish Adventures and the caller said “hello, is this Capt. Scooby”? Yes it is, the Captain replied. How can I help you? Well, my wife is working in Hemphill at Sabine County Hospital and I’m coming in for the weekend looking for adventure. Capt. Scooby asked, “how did you find me?”.

The caller said, he looked up things to do in Hemphill on the Internet. The only things listed were the NASA Museum and Mudfish Adventures tours. “I was looking over your website, but we don’t fly fish. So could you take us out for a tour of the lake” he asked. OK, let’s take a tour and maybe catch some fish for dinner. Our lake tour adventure began at 5 a.m. at Harborlight Marina.

Alexa and Wesley arrived on time and we boarded the Gatortail boat. When on-board we put our life-jackets on, did a quick safety orientation, and chatted about what we would be doing for the day.

The tour got underway to the backcountry just before sunrise, in total darkness. Navigation was by lighted electronics to find the way to the elusive catfish grounds. Arriving at the first stop, the Captain put the anchors down, shut down all the power except one light (the rear boat anchor white light).

Now, listen crew, what do you hear? Nothing! That’s the point, total silence. Peaceful. Now let’s take a moment to just enjoy a hot cup of coffee and a homemade kolache. Oh look, here comes the sun rising over the water, enjoy the quick moment. At first light, Alexa tossed out some sinking catfish pellets to draw the fish in.

That’s all it took, two orange bobbers hit the water. A few minutes later, Alexa’s bobber went down and she caught her first catfish on Capt. Scooby’s Ol Weenie catfish bait.

Wes had the hot stick with several fish caught and released. Now, the smiles and high fives started egged on by the Captain.

OK crew, tired of bobber watching? Let’s go catch a bass. That’s what Toledo Bend is known for - trophy bass. So, let’s go try our hand.

Getting underway going deeper into the backcountry with water temp 83 degrees in 2-3 foot of water. This will be our bass setup, a Texas rigged Lil Joe Craw worm 3.25 from Natural Forage Bait Company. Alexa swings a cast at the base of a Cypress tree. The bass engulfs the Lil Joe seconds after it hits the water. Bingo her first Bass is on! The fight begins, bass going one way and Alexa hanging on wrestling the little fighter to the boat. Alexa commented, boy these things fight hard but this is a blast. Captain replied wait until you catch one over 5 lbs. or more.

Boom, Wesley at the back of the boat hooks up a bass. Now the high fives and smiles start again! Captain Scooby said you have both earned your Mudfish Adventures hat by catching a bass on Toledo Bend. These custom hats are given to clients when they catch their first bass. So when you see one of these special Mudfish Adventures logo hats on someone in town, you know they fought a Toledo Bend bass for that Members Only hat! So congratulate them.

As the morning of fishing winds down and the sun is getting higher the Gatortail is on its way back to port. Captain Scooby noticed that his clients (Alexa and Wesley) had beaming smiles and were just a talking. As a Captain and a Fishing Guide, my simple pleasure is wanting to see my clients depart on a fishing high and wanting to do it all over again... Soon!

And all they wanted was a five hour tour but received so much more... The Mudfish Adventure.

Alexa and Wesley are catfishing on Mudfish Adventures Facebook page. Look up their video.

Make your own adventure on the Bend by book a fishing trip or tour with Captain Scooby.


Tight Lines,

Captain Steve (Scooby) Stubbe

Cell: 713-825-8464


Mailing Address: P.O. Box 275, Hemphill, TX 75948


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