Shoppers are asked to stop and think, as Jeremy Eells and his team at Brookshire Brothers Hemphill work quickly and often tirelessly to meet the needs of the community during this Public Health Emergency. 

Customers will see new signs in the entrance way of Brookshire Brothers in Hemphill reminding customers to stop and think before entering. "Please send someone else to shop if you believe you, or anyone with who you have close contact may have an active case of COVID-19. or are tested and the results are pending, or have symptoms of fever, dry cough, or shortness of breath.

Only one member of a household may enter the store at one time. Shoppers will need to follow the six foot rule on social distancing inside the store or waiting outside the store to come into the store.

In an effort to protect the community, Plexiglas sneeze guards have been installed at check out lanes. Distance markers have been put in to help guide everyone in a safe manner.  

What can we all do to slow the spread? ▪ Stay six feet apart. ▪ Let one person per family do the shopping. ▪ Wash your hands frequently. ▪ Cover your cough.

Together we can flatten the curve.

I personally would like to thank everyone at our local store. This health crisis has certainly made everyone change the way they do business and operate. Everyone has worked hard to meet the daily changing demand. Every single employee who continues to show up and provide an essential service is a hero in my book. We have to remember to stay home and not spread COVID-19 to the staff who works everyday to bring a vital service to Hemphill.

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