A party was given Monday, by the Honor Guard, honoring WWII vet, Fred Elliott. Mr. Elliott was born in June of 1921 in White County, Arkansas into a poor, large family. One of nine children, he had to make his own way into the world so he joined the Navy in January of 1942. Patriotism was at an all time high in the United States because the Japanese had bombed Pearl Harbor the month before on December 7, 1941. He stated that he had never eaten so well and that he began to put on weight after basic training.

He served as the ship's electrician on a small vessel called a Sub Chaser, with a wooden hull and small draft. Presumably, it was made this way to avoid detection by radar and wasn't as concerning as large warships to the enemy. But, it was to the seamen aboard! The hull was leaky and they had to dock at Newport News for repairs and when she was sea-worthy, they departed once again. He went on to serve in the Mediterranean, Sicily, Italy, Africa and the south of France during the European conflict during the early stages of WWII.

Later, he was assigned to the USS Begor, a high speed transport ship that departed with an Underwater Demolition Team (later known as Navy Seals). Mr Elliott also participated in the Battle of Okinawa (April-June 1945), also called Operation Iceberg. the largest amphibious assault in the Pacific Theater of WWII. There Mr Elliott encountered the Kamikaze pilots which would set fear into the heart of many soldiers. While in the waters of the Orient, the Begor joined 3rd Fleet units en route to occupy Japan. The Begor entered Sagami Wan Bay on August 27th where she was the first American ship to enter the bay, a sitting duck so to speak. The Begor sat alone for several days while her divers reconnoitered the landing beaches over which the occupation forces were to land and neutralized the shore guns. Then she proceeded to Yokosuka Naval Dockyard, where they assisted in the de-militarization of the vessels there. 

During the turmoil of war, he managed to find the time to wed his sweetheart, Blanche Nash in 1944. They were married for 75 years, up until her death, just a three weeks ago. He is heartbroken but the party given by Veterans Helping Veterans, lifted his spirits tremendously. We thank you for your service Mr. Elliott and offer condolences on behalf of Sabine County on the loss of your bride.

Anyone who knows of a veteran who they would like to see honored, please call Jose Narvaez at 832-514-1078 or email him at jlnaz24@yahoo.com. We would also like to thank Mr. Narvaez and his organization for all that they do to make our veteran's day a little brighter.


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