On 20 Dec 1836 in Columbia, Texas Sam Houston, President of the Republic of Texas signed a proclamation titled "IN THE NAME AND BY THE AUTHORITY OF THE REPUBLIC OF TEXAS" designating Matthew (Arnold) Parker the first Chief Justice (County Judge) of the County of Sabine with the agreement of the Senate.  In early 1837 the new government of Sabine County was formed in Milam.  Milam served as the county seat until November of 1858.

There were four votes by the citizens of the county to move the county seat to a more central location.  After the 4th vote passed the seat of government was moved to the central location of Hemphill where it has remained.

Matthew Arnold Parker was born 17 May 1801 in Nails Creek, Franklin (now Banks) County, Georgia.  He was the son of Jesse & Sarah Wiley Parker.  In 1809 the family moved to the Mississippi Territory., in 1812 on to Louisiana, and finally 12 Mar 1822 to Joseph Vehlin's Colony, now Sabine County.

In 1821 Parker married Mary "Polly" Isaacks and they had fourteen children.  After Mary died here in Sabine County Parker married Elizabeth Low, the daughter of Isaac Low who had entered what is now Sabine County in 1828.  Matthew & Elizabeth Low Parker had at least four children.

Matthew & Elizabeth moved to Cherokee County in 1847, and then to DeWitt County in 1855, Judge Parker died on 19 Mar 1862 and is buried in the Taylor Cemetery in Cuero.

Photo No. 1 shows the proclamation naming Matthey (Arnold) Parker the first Chief Justice (County Judge) of Sabine County, Texas.

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the old news is great, but you need to get the current out first

I run a business and three times now I have asked you to get current.

might have well talked to the wall

the sabine county reporter costs less and is more on it

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