2019 Sabine County Hay Show Winners

2019 Sabine County Hay Show Winners

(left to right) Ronald Barlow (Sabine County Agent), Timothy Faircloth representing Welden Elliott (2nd Bermuda, 2nd Mixed),Kenneth Christian (1st Bermuda, 1st Bahia, 1st Mixed), Tom Beall (4th Bermuda, 4th Mixed), Lloyd Ford (3rd Bahia), Alvin Beauchamp (3rd Bermuda), Neil Beall (4th Bermuda), R.D. Griffin (5th Bermuda), Tony Fuller (5th Bahia), Jordan Wesney (6thBermuda), Charles Dennis (2nd Bahia)

Not pictured: Eric Procella (6th Bahia), Drew White (1st Mixed), Melissa McGee (5th Mixed), Cody McBride (6th Mixed)

Sabine County Hay Show Winners Announced

The 2019 Sabine County and San Augustine County Hay Show and Seminar was conducted on Tuesday, November 5 at the Rosevine United Pentecostal Church in Sabine County.

The hay show, organized by the Sabine County Ag Committee and the San Augustine Beef & Forage Committee for Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service, was a tremendous success with 124 hay samples submitted for analysis from the two counties.

Thirty-two hay producers attended the show and seminar to see and hear an excellent presentation from Lane Dunn, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Agent in Shelby County, concerning ways to increase the volume and quality of hay produced on their farms.

A total of 102 hay samples produced by 57 producers in Sabine County and another 21 samples from 13 San Augustine County producers were analyzed prior to the hay show.  Analysis reports were distributed to the hay producers at this seminar and explained by county agents Ronald Barlow and Shane Bridges.

To close out the seminar, plaques were presented to the producers of the highest quality hay, based upon forage analysis results from Dairy One Forage Laboratory in Ithaca, NY, which generously provided the service at no charge.  The brisket meal was also provided free of charge by Shelby Savings Bank.

Winners were chosen in three categories and were ranked using a formula developed by Extension Beef Cattle Specialist Dr. Jason Banta, that included the TDN (Total Digestible Nutrients) and Adjusted Crude Protein percentages of the samples tested.

Sabine County Bermuda Grass

1st Place – Kenneth Christian

2nd Place – Welden Elliott

3rd Place – Alvin Beauchamp

4th Place – Tom Beall

5th Place – R.D. Griffin

6th Place – Jordan Wesney

Sabine County Bahia Grass

1st Place – Kenneth Christian

2nd Place – Charles Dennis

3rd Place – Lloyd Ford

4th Place – Neil Beall

5th Place – Tony Fuller

6th Place – Eric Procella

Sabine County Mixed Grasses

1st Place – Drew White

2nd Place – Welden Elliott

3rd Place – Kenneth Christian

4th Place – Tom Beall

5th Place – Melissa McGee

6th Place – Cody McBride

San Augustine County Hay

1st Place – B.P. Steptoe

2nd Place – Marlon Miller

3rd Place – Barry Welch

Sabine County Hay Producers from whom samples for testing were obtained included:


2. Henry Alvarado

3. Gary Baker

4. Michael Barlow

5. Ronald Barlow

6. Tom Beall

7. Neal Beall

8. Alvin Beauchamp

9. Derek Bobbitt

10. Robert Brown

11. Gary Burkhalter

12. Werner Burwood

13. Gene Butler

14. Welmer Byers

15. Kenneth Christian

16. Johnny Coulter

17. Charles Dennis

18. David Eddings

19. Stephen Elliott

20. Welden Elliott

21. Kenneth Ellison

22. Richard Felts

23. Lloyd Ford

24. Jimmy Frick

25. Tony Fuller

26. Marty Griffin

27. R.D. Griffin

28. Robert Harris

29. Shawn Jones

30. Mike Knight

31. Don Lane

32. Donny Earl Latham

33. Danny Lindow

34. Leon Loggins

35. Cody McBride

36. R.L. McDaniel

37. Melissa McGee

38. Stacy Joe McGee

39. Randy Michalec

40. Lynn Miller

41. Gary Parks

42. David Parrish

43. Ryan Pay

44. Jerry Pickard, Sr.

45. Jamie Powell

46. Eric Procella

47. Butch Randolph

48. Glenda Retherford

49. Thumper Rhame

50. Kenneth Smith

51. Millard Smith

52. Rex Stimits

53. Don Tate

54. Brian Thomas

55. John Toner

56. Jordan Wesney

57. Drew White

58. Gary Williams

Producers who were unable to attend the seminar, may pick up their results from their county agent by contacting Ronald Barlow at 409-594-7400 or Shane Bridges for San Augustine County at 936-275-3644.

Forage and Hay producers are reminded to turn in their soil samples (Extension Office or Sabine County Tax Office) by November 18 for the Soil Analysis Program (December 17 at Lost Frontier) which is being sponsored by the Piney Woods Soil & Water Conservation District #429 (Sabine & San Augustine Counties), Shell Beach Inc. (Many, LA) and Griffin Feed & Farm Supply (San Augustine).

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