Rats, you dirty rats!

Yep, its that time of year again, and winter is right around the corner. The leaves are falling. Air and water temperatures are dropping along local waterways.

I finally made time to take the boat out to my favorite fishing hole on Toledo Bend Lake, in the pineywoods of East Texas.

How did all of this mess get in my boat? Has this ever happened to you?

I was talking to a neighbor, Scott Setliff of Deer Lake Ranch in Hemphill, who said pesky critters had invaded his watercraft. Setliff was backing his truck up to the boat, doing the normal hooking up to the rig. As he pulled back the tarp on the boat was surprised. “What the ....?” How did all of these pine needles, acorns, foam pieces of wiring, toilet paper and even a shotgun shell get in the bottom of my boat? Upon further inspection, when opening the lid of the rod locker he noticed a shredded snake skin!

Rats, You Dirty Rats! Setliff noticed where the foam came from that was scattered around the floorboard. The driver seat cushion now looked like swiss cheese!

So much for the fun fishing day he had planned in his head. Now it’s clean up time and some costly repairs.

Don’t let this happen to you!

I have been using the following remedy in my guide boats in both fresh and salt water for decades with great results. The simple remedy that first comes to mind is to stand there with a shot gun and wait for the varmit to return. But an even better one is to make rat bombs. They are a great deterrent for rodents, squirrels, and snakes.

To make a rat bomb use one Bounce dryer sheet with a tablespoon of Downy scent booster pellets in the middle of the sheet.

Make a ball out of the dryer sheet and tie it off with a rubber band. Place three or four rat bombs in your boat compartments and around your boat stall area. The potpourri scent will last 2-3 months. Change them out often when the potpourri smell fades. These small tips can let you have the Big Bass Day you started out to have. These Rat Bombs work great at your Deer Camp too.

Be safe on the water, use your safety equipment, kill switch, and personal flotation device.

Would you like to try your hand a fly fishing? At Mudfish Adventures that what we enjoy doing “teaching fly fishing”. Send an email to captsteve@mudfishadventures.com or call 1-844-MUD-FISH (1-844-683-3474) for more information.

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