It’s Bass on the Fly February!

Love is in the air in February in the backcountry shallows of Toledo Bend Lake, Texas. Capt. Scooby is watching the weather and waiting for the water temperatures to be perfect in the courtship areas of the Palo Gaucho creek flats.

The bass will start migrating from the deeper main lake waters to the shallows traveling up creeks and drains to make their nest. As the morning sunlight rises first warming the West bank the male bass will start their spawning bed construction for the arrival of their Valentine. Water temps now on the lake are 52-56 degrees with the water level at 167.4. Full pool is 172. The moon phase needs to be perfect to trigger this generational event. Your 2020 moon phase prime time dates are February 7-11 and 22-26. This will be your crossroad opportunity to catch your personal best or a new lake trophy bass. Here are some of my favorite flies for February: Black or White flies for muddy water; Woolly Bugger, Scooby’s Craw Spoon, Stealth Goober, Gurgler, Clouser Minnow, Perch and Shad patterned streamer flies.

Texas Park And Wildlife – Texas Share Lunker Program

The Texas Park And Wildlife has a Texas Share Lunker Program which is in its 34th year. Bass weighing 13 pounds or more caught between January 1 – March 31 are the only ones eligible for the entry into the Lunker Legendary Category! These breading trophies are the future of bass fishing in Texas.

Toledo Bend Lake Association

If you weigh in a 10 pound plus bass on certified scales the Toledo Bend Lake Association will reward you with a free wall fiberglass replica of your big bass trophy. You need to take a picture of the catch and of releasing the fish back into the lake.

Here is a link to the Toledo Bend Lake Association website for more information and location of certified scale facilities:

Toledo Bend Lake Association has been keeping stats for 10 pound plus bass. Here are the stats from 2015-2020. This program runs from May – May yearly.

A Day with Mudfish Adventures

Capt. Scooby has been developing and manufacturing a series of freshwater and saltwater fly rods called the Mudfish Short Flyer. These fly rods are available in 8WT and 10WT models and are of one-piece design measuring 7’7”. After my customers and I broke eight standard four piece fly rods over the last several years on T-Bend trying to winch big bass out of heavy cover in the backcountry, that’s when I knew I had to design something better. Now, no more broken rods after three years of field testing.

A typical day at Mudfish Adventures began with a phone call from a national fly magazine wanting to write an article about Capt. Scooby’s unique flyrods. So we set up a three day shoot with the magazine. Day 1, was kind of the norm with 1-3 pound bass boated with a professional caster and photographer. Day 2, we went to some different areas for better scenery and background for some fish catching photos on the fly. After lunch, its about 2:30 p.m.and things were very quiet with two fish boated. I will never forget that I was on the front deck of the boat along side the caster and all you could hear in the background was the click, click, click of the camera. Then I noticed just for a little while that the camera was quiet. As I’m directing the caster on the front deck where to drop the next fly. Suddenly, I hear a big splash and I turn quickly to see that the photographer had picked up an 8WT Short Flyer in his right hand and had the camera in his left hand. Then we noticed a huge fish on the line. I screamed out “Set, set the hook.” Instantly the long lens camera dropped to his left side held by the safety shoulder strap. Now he has the rod in a twelve o’clock position pulling the fly line with his left hand and the fish turns its direction and comes straight at the boat from a three o’clock position. Now the rod and line become tight and the fish then charges for the engine.

Instantly, the fish turns again and is now darting along side the 18 foot GatorTail rig in 2-3 feet of water. As the Big Trophy Bass passes the boat’s bow running like a fleeing Ocean tuna with 30 feet of line ripping the surface of the water the fly pops out of the fishes mouth and the line goes completely limp. Oh, No!! What just happened? After that… the crew silently called it a day. Day 3, as we were preparing to leave Harborlight Marina, the photographer was loading his gear, I put my arm around the photographer and said “Buddy, you will always remember that T-Bend monster that got away. As you tell the tale of the legendary bass this fish will grow bigger and bigger.”

Remember your polite etiquette on the water. Don’t forget the net.

Wear your safety gear and hook up your kill switch lanyard. Capt. Scooby can be reached at 1-844-MUD-FISH (1-844-683-3474) or Cell 713-825-8464.

Always take a kid fishing!


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