Pineland, Texas-

The community had the pleasure of meeting the new owners and managers of Pineland's newest business on Saturday, Aug. 1. Pineland Wash -n- Dry has been open for several weeks. But owners Robert and Jackie Mackey wanted to get to know the community a little better, and what better way than an open house complete with plenty of laughter and snacks.

"Coming home, and opening a business that would be an asset to Pineland has been a dream of ours," Robert Mackey said. "We looked at several other things including the car wash before deciding on Wash -n- Dry," he added. The facility had been closed for quite some time, and it has taken lots of work to get it opened. Wash-n-Dry is located on E. Yaupon Street, off of Temple Ave. (Right behind the old grocery store.) The laundromat is open from 7 a.m. until 10 p.m. Sunday thru Saturday.

Manager Tommy Callahan, and his wife Mary will be on hand to take care of the daily needs of customers. And it was indeed a pleasure getting to know them both. "Tommy thinks he is in charge, but I really keep the place going," Mary laughed. 

"We still have quite a few things we are looking to add, such as the large capacity commercial size washer and dryer," Jackie Mackey said. Some items just do not fit in the standard washing machines and dryers we have in our homes, she added. 

The Mackey's thanked everyone for stopping by. "We really getting together with old friends, and meeting new ones."  

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