Sabine County Hospital

Dear Editor,

When my husband and I decided to move to Lake Toledo Bend in 2003, we were told: Oh we could never do that. I asked why? They said they don't have a hospital or Doctors.

Well its been 17-years and we have been very pleased with Sabine County Hospital. Our first contact with the Doctors came with Chad Moody.  Who by the way took care of my Mom and Dad. My mom (68) adored Chad and I had to force my dad (73) to leave the office or he and Chad would talk hunting all day. We would leave the office and Dad would say that guys okay. He hunts. Like I wasn't in the office with them.

My husband is a Vietnam Vet and as a lot of you probably deal with this on a regular basis, getting back and forth to Houston is not a whole lot of fun. With that said, Chad has come in real handy to help with my husband.  Oh yea, there's also Chris and Mike at the hospital as well.

Well just three years ago I was forced from my job as a Regional Construction Environmental, Safety and Heath Manager. I lost two finger tips, a kidney and a couple of years ago after meeting our New Doctor Gregory Backofen, I was diagnosed with Pulmonary Hypertension. 

Well Thanks to Chad Moody, for saving my life and Doctor Greg who looked into helping him but approved of Chads fine work. I will live to see another day, and another, and another.

So, I am sure there are folks that think we are just a little hick town, with NO Hospital, No Doctors or the NO Nursing Staff (but really just the finest and most personable crew) any hospital could ask for.

BUT I am here to tell you. We have state of the art equipment, Great Doctors, and oh my Gosh some of finest RNs, LVNs, and CNAs at the NO HOSPITAL,"SABINE COUNTY" I have ever had the privilege of being taken care of by and did I mention the cleanup staff. The Hospital is very very clean.

I know I have missed folks, like administration, cafeteria folks, x-ray. They have life-flight and physical therapy as well.

I know I have to end this but there are so many my family has to say THANKS too and I want "whoever said they have NO HOSPITAL" DOESN'T know what they are talking about.  So Proud all of you folks at MY NO HOSPITAL; "SABINE COUNTY HOSPITAL"!

Sincerely yours, 

Connie Conway

Regional Construction Environmental, Safety and Heath Manager

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