Fishing to Cleaning Gear and Electronics

Capt. Steve’s tips on how to clean fly fishing gear and equipment for maximum performance and distance.

When fishing skinny water for bass in the back country of Toledo Bend Lake, Texas you will find muddy to stagnant water. Seldon will you have 2-3 feet of clear water. The small muddy particles consist of muddy sediment, algae, slimes, oils, and floating tree sap. The grim on the water surfaces will stick to your fly line and cause the line to slow on the forward and the back cast for distance and accuracy. Cleaning is a must every 3-4 trips out or 2-3 times a year. Also cleaning your fly line should be done before you store your equipment for the winter months.

If you want to learn how to deep clean your fly lines with soap and water go to the YouTube channel and type in “how to clean fly line”. There is a DIY section on this.

This is what Capt. Steve with Mudfish Adventures does to prepare his fly equipment for a guided trip the next day.

Cleaning Fly Rod Line and Reel

Step 1 – Use a Clean Five Gallon Bucket and strip off all the fly line into the bucket, get one Blue Scott Shop towel, moisten the towel with a few squirts of Mudfish Rod & Line Cleaner 2.0 and wipe the water spots and grime off of the reel. Then using the same moistened towel, fold over and around the line to clean while reeling the line back onto the fly reel. Repeat if needed. Now you are halfway there.

Step 2 – Pull all the fly line back off the reel into the clean five gallon bucket up to the backing line. Now you are ready to wax using Lucas SlickMist Speed Wax with a UV protection. With 50-100 yards of fly line in the bucket spray to coat the fly line with the speedwax. Three shots should do the job. Use one Blue Scott shop towel to fold over the waxed line and reel your fly line back onto the reel to remove excess wax off of the line. Now you have cleaned and waxed your fly line and you are prepared for the next Fly fishing adventure.

Cleaning Fly Rods, Bass Rods and Electronic Screens

Spray the Mudfish Rod & Line Cleaner 2.0 over the entire rod and/or your fish finder electronic screens. Then use one Blue Scott shop towel and finish wiping down the rod and rod eyes from top to bottom. Use a new Blue Scott shop towel to wipe clean your electronic screens. This will remove any finger prints, water spots, grime, fish slime, etc. Dries clear and will not leave a residue.

This is Capt. Steve’s shortcut to cleaning your fresh water and salt water fishing gear.

Tools Used in this article:

Lucas SlickMist Fast and Easy Speed Wax

Mudfish Rod & Line Cleaner 2.0

Scott Blue Shop Towels

If you have any questions or if would like to spend a day on the water fishing Toledo Bend Lake with Capt. Steve call 1-844-MUD-FISH.

Catch you on the fly!

Capt. Steve (Scooby) Stubbe


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