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-Jan 6, 2022

Now election sign-ups have ended there are several highly contested local races. Redistricting caused a bit of a changed for East Texans. Sabine County residents are no longer represented by District 9. Always on the outskirts, the shift slightly south put the Toledo Bend Lake community in District 11, along with Newton County. District 9, Representative Chris Paddie is not seeking re-election.

District 11 Incumbent, Travis Clardy will have a crowded ballot in March. Greg Caldwell (R), Rachel Hale (R), and Mark Williams (R) are all vying for the seat.

Sabine County Commissioner Precinct 2 is another contested race. Longtime Pct. 2 Commissioner Jimmy McDaniel is not seeking re-election. Three Republican candidates are signed up to fill the position:  Keith Nabours, Randy Barnett, and Ray Sutton.

The third contested race is Sabine County District Clerks Office, incumbent Lisa Pitre, is being challenged by Talina Wright.

Election sign-ups for Sabine County:

Republican Primary

Sabine County Judge: Incumbent Daryl Melton, uncontested.

Sabine County District Clerk: Incumbent Lisa Dew Pitre, and Tellina Thomas Wright.

Sabine County Clerk: Incumbent Jamie Clark, uncontested. 

Sabine County Treasurer: Incumbent Tricia Woods Jacks, uncontested.

Sabine County Commissioner Precinct 2: Keith Nabours, Randy Barnett, and Ray Sutton. Precinct 2 Commissioner is currently Jimmy McDaniel, who is not seeking re-election.

Sabine County Commissioner Precinct 4: Incumbent James Bubba Lowe, uncontested.

Sabine County Justice of the Peace Precinct 1: Incumbent Roger Gay, uncontested.

Sabine County Justice of the Peace Precinct 2: Incumbent Henry Alvarado, uncontested.

Democratic Party Primary-none were found on the state website for Sabine County.


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