Sabine County Hospital



1. The person requesting a COVID-19 outpatient test will contact their Primary Care Physician (PCP) to request an order

2. If you have no PCP, you may establish care at Toledo Bend Family Medicine (TBFM), any other doctor's office, or check into the Emergency Room (ER). If you check into the ER, it is at the Provider's discretion to order the test or not.

3. Your PCP should then fax over the order to us, at Sabine County Hospital. 


1. If TBFM is handling your outpatient order, they will take care of the screening & scheduling from their clinic.

2. From all other clinics, a staff member will contact you after your order to test is received to conduct a phone screening.

3. Your test will be scheduled during our outpatient testing hours at a time that is most convenient to you.


1. There is no need for you to enter the building for an outpatient test.

2. A designated staff member will collect all necessary information.  

3. It is VERY important that a correct address and contact number are obtained. This is how you will receive results!


1. Park in the instructed area and stay in your vehicle.

2. Call the hospital at (409) 787-3300 to notify of your arrival.

3. Lab personnel will be notified & will come to collect the specimen.  

4. Our specimens are sent to an outsourced lab. Unfortunately, we have no control over how long it takes to render results after it leaves our facility.


Support staff will give you instructions. We ask that you please quarantine until you are notified of the result. This includes members of your household.  If there are any questions regarding instructions, please do not hesitate to call your PCP or Sabine County Hospital.

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