Sabine County Judge Daryl Melton issued a report this morning. "We will continue to update residents on any information received as quickly as possible," he said. Sabine County still has zero positive COVID-19 results. Judge Melton said, no new test results were received overnight. "Sabine County does have quarantines for exposure for some in the community due to out of county positive result. Everyone take precautions and stay home if all possible. 

This update comes after an employee at the Pineland Mill, Georgia Pacific Plant tested positive for COVID-19. The mill employee worked in Sabine County, but resides in a neighboring county. In rural East Texas we are all in this together.

In a statement the company ask all individuals to self-quarantine. "We are working closely with local public health authorities, in addition to following CDC guidelines, to provide necessary support for our colleague and our co-workers. We have worked to identify the people with whom this individual had prolonged close contact, and per CDC guidance, we asked these individuals to self-quarantine." Georgia Pacific.

Sabine County Judge Daryl Melton issued a statement yesterday confirming that zero cases had been confirmed in the county. "However, we are still waiting on several test results," he said. "We have to do our part and do what the executive order says, it is there for a reason."

"I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone for all your concerted efforts in your attempts to help alleviate the spread of coronavirus in our community. I sincerely ask that you think not only of yourself but those around you.

•​following the "Stay at Home" order,

•​practicing social distancing,

•​washing hands thoroughly and frequently, or using hand sanitizer

•​try to avoid touching your face

•​cleaning surfaces frequently

•​staying home if you're ill

Let's keep in mind that we are all in this together and we will all get through this together. Please, stay home as much as humanly possible and stay safe. PRAY."

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