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No. 6- Toledo Bend Reservoir

Toledo Bend is No. 6 in Bassmaster's Top 25 Best Bass Lakes list. Something magical happened to this bass factory between the 2014 and 2015 seasons. After averaging around 12th in the national rankings, The Bend took the top spot in 2015 after seemingly countless 10-pounders were caught that year. Even more were landed in 2016, making this Louisiana/Texas border fishery the first lake ever to earn the No. 1 ranking two years in a row.

Production finally fell off a little, but this historic fishery has remained in the Top 4 lakes in the Central Division ever since. Any given day, an angler could land the five-bass limit of a lifetime, as the 30-pound limit is cracked with consistency. And yes, 10-pounders still abound.

No. 7- Lake Sam Rayburn 

This stories Lone Star State fishery lived in the shadows of nearby Toledo Bend for years. Rayburn was good, finding the second ranking in 2013, but was the bridesmaid to The Bend since the 100 Best Bass Lakes rankings were conceived. That all changed in 2018, when Rayburn not only bested TB, but every other lake in the nation and claimed the No. 1 spot in the nation. It followed up that incredible season with another in 2019, where the Texas fish factory claimed the No. 3 spot. The rise of Rayburn correlated with the amazing success of Toledo Bend, which took a lot of pressure off this lake. That allowed the scars of 2-and 3-pound fish to become 5- and -6 pounders. Rayburn started spitting out 30-pound limits like chewed-up sunflower seeds, with some exceeding 35-pounds. Double digit fish are more than available, as a 12-pounder was landed in 2018.

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