Have you been to Martin’s Mexican Restaurant in Jasper, Texas? If not, you have missed a treat. Martin’s features Tex-Mex as well as American items on their menu.

When I went to Martin’s to try to take some pictures of the guest’s eating their lunch, I failed miserably! As I strolled between the tables, every plate was completely empty.

Oh, there was evidence that food had been on the plates. There was a smear of sauce here and small crumbs scattered about but the plates were clean. What does that tell you about the food? Excellent Food? Me, too!

I was greeted very kindly by my server with a basket of chips and salsa. After looking through the wide selection of food, I ordered a grilled chicken taco salad. It was served promptly and while I was waiting, I enjoyed the complementary chips and salsa immensely.

My husband and I had tried the chicken stuffed avocado and mixed fajitas for two on other visits to Martin’s. Nothing we tried at Martin’s was a disappointment. They also have a wonderful appetizer platter called, La Botana. It contains a chicken cheese quesadilla, a beef burrito roll, flautas, sour cream and guacamole.

Martin’s has a wide assortment of adult beverages as well as the classic selections. I don’t drink when I have to drive, but I did try the Peach Margarita when I was with my husband. It was just right; not too sweet nor too much Tequila.

Martin’s has adequate parking, much to my surprise. Originally, I felt the parking lot was rather small, but upon checking it out, I found the parking is ample. There is parking in the rear and to the north side of the building that will accommodate trucks, trailers, boats, or even big rigs.

The restaurant was founded in 2004 by the Romero family. Mr. and Mrs. Martin Romero are hard-working people who enjoy their customers and make them feel welcome. They are joined in the business by four of their five children.

The Romero family are proud of their accomplishments, and one of their great strengths is that they work as a family.

Each member gives their best because they know that family pride is at stake. The food, atmosphere, and service all relay the family’s pride and integrity.

It is not only biological family that adds flavor to Martin’s Restaurant. They currently employ about 30 people who live and work in the surrounding area.

To sum up Martin’s Restaurant; they serve quality food at reasonable prices served by knowledgeable friendly wait staff in a colorful tidy atmosphere. Stop by on your way South to the Golden Triangle or North to the lakes. Right on Hwy 96 in Jasper.

Thank you to all the staff and community who help make Martin’s a success.

Back Row:

Mr. and Mrs. Martin Romero Owners

Front Row:

Heather Woods Admin. Assistant

Martin Romero

Kristen LeBlanc

Victor Romero

Doshie Romero

Savannah Jordan

Delia Salas

Jeanette Stephens

Karina Martinez

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