Toledo Bend, Texas

Reeling in a record setting Lunker on Toledo Bend Reservoir has been a frequent occurrence over the past few years. But accomplishing that on a Fly rod is far from the norm on the East Texas lake.

That’s where Captain Steve “Scooby” Stubbe comes in with the winning invention of rod, fly, and a whole lot of knots. “I set-out to catch the big bass,” he said. “And to do that I would need the right equipment.”

He has traveled the world’s fly fishing venues, from rivers, to lakes and streams in remote locations, such as Costa Rica, and South America. “We can do this right here on Toledo Bend,” he said.

Bringing fly fishing to Toledo Bend has indeed been not only an adventure, but a mission for Captain Scooby.

Designing the fly rods capable of reeling in the big ones takes a bit of innovation. Of course bigger bass require bigger flies, and by the looks of these two record breaking bass in the photo below, he has designed a winning combination.

Mudfish Adventure Fly Rods are handcrafted, no two are alike. The southern style Fly Rod is Captain Scooby’s own one-piece design, rather than the traditional four piece fly rod. “I tailor the rods to fit the needs of the fisherman,” he said. “I’ve worked with both disabled veterans, and handicapped individuals who otherwise would not have had the opportunity to fish at all.”

Captain Scooby is determined to bring Fly Fishing to Toledo Bend in a big way, and his unique fly fishing gear has already sparked a great deal of attention. Daily News caught up with him at several events demonstrating the sport of fly fishing and giving some lessons on how to cast the fly. “It really is an art, and a little bit like fish hunting,” he said.

Fly fishing seems like an intimidating pastime at first, but it doesn’t have to be.

Not only will Captain Scooby engineer a rod and reel to fit your specific needs. He will teach you how to cast the line, tie the line, and choose the fly for reeling in everything from trout to bass. The Made in the USA, (right here on Toledo Bend ) Fly Rods come in several sizes and types. Captain Scooby’s unique one piece design includes both fresh water and salt water Short Flyers in both 8 and 10 weight. Why a short Fly Rod? The short flyer means accurate casting to target especially when in heavy cover or tight location where a longer flyer just will not suffice. And in Toledo Bend Lake an 18 foot swing is a problem in the marsh and back country. Captain Scooby also manufactures a Limited Swing Fly Rod for a longer swing. Of course there are many varieties, and the focus is always quality, as well as function.

“Making a quality Fly Rod, short one piece design will carry on to the next generation of fly fisher’s. All of the rods are designed with carbon fiber handles with double locking rings and stainless steel components. The rods are quite elegant. Detailing and color can be customized, making each one a work of art. “Tradition-It’s not just a Fly Rod. It’s a piece of art, hand built lasting generations to be passed on to the next Mudfish Adventurer.

Prices start at $499. Let Captain Scooby get you started on the fly.

Below: Captain Stubbe snagged two record breaking Bass using Mudfish Adventures uniquely designed Fly Rod.

The Bass were weighed in at Fin & Feather Lodge, and the paperwork sent to Texas Parks and Wildlife.

The first bass weighed 3.60 lbs a new lake record. The length only a fraction under 19 inches long, with a 14 inch girth.

The second weighed 3.25 lbs and the second largest pulled out of the Toledo on a Fly Rod.

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